Vortex Cerium (Hydroplus) 4 Person Hot Tub


  • Size (cm) (L x W x H): 200 x 200 x 82 or 92
  • Seats: 4 Seats (2 Loungers)
  • Total Jets (Stainless Steel): 57
  • Therapy Rating: 10/10
  • Jet Pump(s): 3hp x 2
  • SpaNet Silent Circulation Pump: 250W
  • Balboa BP Control System: √
  • Air Blower: 1,000W
  • Balboa Heater: 3kW max

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Vortex Cerium (Hydroplus) 4 Person Hot Tub

The Cerium is a compact hydrotherapy spa pool. This Cerium’s sophisticated design ensures that despite the its smaller size, you don’t miss out on any of the added features and benefits that our larger spa range have. Allowing space for up to 4-5 adults, this competitive model also provides up to 57 powerful hydrotherapy jets, in order to give a quality jet therapy experience.

Features within this spa pool include, dual loungers fitted with hydrotherapy jets, paired with the neck and shoulder therapy seat. This therapy seat has jets embedded in the collar which encourage you to unwind and a let go of the days stresses. The volcano foot jet included in the Cerium hits all the right pressure points in the feet, forcing relaxation upon you. Transform your Cerium into a water feature with a back lit water cascade to enhance relaxation or create an outdoor centre piece when entertaining.

  • Name: Cerium (Hydroplus)
  • Size (cm) (L x W x H): 200 x 200 x 82 or 92
  • Seats: 4 Seats (2 Loungers)
  • Total Jets (Stainless Steel): 57
  • Therapy Rating: 10/10
  • Jet Pump(s): 3hp x 2
  • SpaNet Silent Circulation Pump: 250W
  • Balboa BP Control System: √
  • Air Blower: 1,000W
  • Balboa Heater: 3kW max
  • WiFi App-Based Remote Control: Optional
  • LED Backlight Water Cascade: √
  • Aromatherapy System: √
  • Backlit Laminar Jet Water Feature: 2
  • Non-Slip Backlit Drink Holders: 3
  • Smart Stream BBA Bluetooth Stereo System: Optional
  • Wine Cooler / Drinks Chest: ×
  • Individual Seat Pressure Controls: √
  • Neck Therapy Collar: √
  • High Pressure Volcano Jet: 1
  • Hydroflow Bearingless Jets: √
  • Underwater LED Floodlight: √
  • Programmable LED Lighting Effects: √
  • Hydroglow Jets and Control LED Lighting: Optional
  • Perimeter and Cabinet Lighting: √
  • Purezone Ozone Water Clarifier: √
  • Purezone Multi Stage Filtration: √
  • Purezone UV Steriliser: Optional
  • High Density Lockable Spa Cover: √
  • Base and Perimeter Insulation : √
  • Shell Insulation: √
  • Hybrid Heatpump : Optional
  • Arctic Pack Insulation: Optional
  • USA Made Aristech Acrylic: √
  • Thermobond Multi-Layer Oven Cured Shell: √
  • 12 Cabinet / Shell Colour Combinations: √
  • Timber-Free Permaframe Construction: √
  • Thermoclad No Maintenance Cabinet : √
  • High Impact Moulded ABS Base: √
  • Duraflex No Kink PVC Plumbing: √
  • Electrical (max): 32 amps
  • Dry Weight : 292 kg
  • Filled Weight : 1,292 kg
  • Water Capacity: 1,000 L

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4 persons


Gypsum, Ocean Wave, Pearl Shadow, Sterling Silver


Chocolate, Coastal Gray, Natural


Collection Only (free), Full Service Delivery & Commissioning Up to 70miles (£398), Kerbside Delivery Up To 70 miles (£199)

Product Information

Cerium (Hydroplus)
Size (cm) (L x W x H) 200 x 200 x 82 or 92
Seats 4 Seats (2 Loungers)
Total Jets (Stainless Steel) 57
Therapy Rating 10/10
Jet Pump(s) 3hp x 2
SpaNet Silent Circulation Pump 250W
Balboa Control System with Touch Screen
Air Blower 1,000W
Balboa Heater 3kw
WiFi App-Based Remote Control Optional
LED Backlight Water Cascade
Aromatherapy System
Backlit Laminar Jet Water Feature 2
Non-Slip Backlit Drink Holders 3
Smart Stream Bluetooth Stereo System Optional
Wine Cooler / Drinks Chest ×
Individual Seat Pressure Controls
Neck Therapy Collar
High Pressure Volcano Jet 1
Hydroflow Bearingless Jets
Underwater LED Floodlight
Programmable LED Lighting Effects
Hydroglow Jets and Control LED Lighting Optional
Perimeter and Cabinet Lighting
Purezone Ozone Water Clarifier
Purezone Multi Stage Filtration
Purezone UV Steriliser Optional
High Density Lockable Spa Cover
Base and Perimeter Insulation
Shell Insulation
Hybrid Heatpump Optional
Arctic Pack Insulation Optional
USA Made Aristech Acrylic
Thermobond Multi-Layer Oven Cured Shell
12 Cabinet / Shell Colour Combinations
Timber-Free Permaframe Construction
Thermoclad No Maintenance Cabinet
High Impact Moulded ABS Base
Duraflex No Kink PVC Plumbing
Electrical (max) 32 amps
Dry Weight 292 kg
Filled Weight 1,292 kg
Water Capacity 1,000 L
Warranty (Conditions apply)


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Delivery and Logistics

OPTION A: Customer collection

  • FREE Collection only by appointment

OPTION B: Delivery

  • For Hot tubs up to 30 miles FREE, thereafter £3.60 per mile one way. Additional charges may apply for deliveries within the London Congestion Charge area.

Over 70 miles please call to discuss rates and availability which may be subject to Covid restrictions. This service may be carried out by our own teams or by a contractor using a tail lift lorry. They will unload the spa on its side strapped to a pallet and will usually move it a short distance onto your driveway or a flat level hard-standing, ready for you to move it to its final position and set-up.

Distances that involve overnight stops, off mainland, ferry crossings, or involve Congestion/Low emission zones, off paved road driving or other issues such as access or parking restrictions are subject to our prior agreement and there may be an additional charge.

Optional Local Commissioning Service

For deliveries within 90miles of GU99JX you can book our Commissioning service.

Urban Hot Tubs Commissioning Charge
Kyoto £249
Roma £249
Marrakech £299
Sorrento £299
Sorrento Elite £349


  • Manoeuvring the spa around the house via a suitable access route (it is your responsibility to ensure the route is sufficiently wide, level, and tall enough to wheel the spa along).
  • Placing the spa in its final position
  • Unwrapping and checking all.
  • Cleaning and sanitising surfaces.
  • Connecting to a suitable power point*
  • Fitting any accessories supplied by us, cover lifter, side table etc
  • Filling from your hose and bleeding system if required
  • Checking and tightening any unions and connections as required
  • Demonstrating how to dose with chemicals
  • Handover training in maintenance and safe use.
  • Clearing and removing all packaging.

If, due to distance, it is not viable for our team to carry out the commissioning service, we will provide instructions and free phone support to assist you with the commissioning aspect or we may be able to assist you finding a local Hot tub technician to carry out the commissioning service.

Pre-Delivery Survey

For local deliveries we will usually carry out a pre-delivery survey to confirm that there is suitable access widths, heights, corner manoeuvring space, and no obstructing obstacles. We can also advise of any pre-delivery access work needed, such as gates, drainpipes, etc that may need to be temporarily removed prior to our arrival.

For longer distance deliveries we will request a walk through video and commentary pointing out any obstacles, so that we can discuss and resolve any issues prior to the day. During the survey particular attention is required to there being sufficient clear width right up to the full height of the spa on its side on the trolly (add 20cm for the trolly height), plus the amount of “swing” space required to get the spa around a tight corner. Protruding window cills, overflow pipes, gutters, steps, bushes, gates, boiler vents, trellis, fence posts, slopes, corners, carport roofs, all can turn what at first hand looked straightforward into anything but.

Crane/Hiab lifts

If a crane lift is the only solution then this must be arranged between the customer and crane company. We can often suggest reliable local crane companies and will assist with logistical details but the lifting contract is always solely between the customer and the crane company.

Manoeuvring the spa

Our Commissioning service is carried out by to two operatives working from one vehicle and manoeuvring the spa on a trolley. The spa is normally on its side. If in the opinion of the team leader the access is not suitable without undue risk of damage to the spa or operatives, the delivery will revert to kerbside only pending alternative arrangements being made. If suitable on-site storage is not available we can return the spa to our warehouse pending arrangements being made but any subsequent delivery will be chargeable.

Electrical power point


Models with a single massage pump are factory configured to run from a standard domestic 13amp electrical socket. The spa will automatically prevent the Heater from running whenever the massage pump in use. There will still be some heating effect though from the pump motor. It is a very quick job to change settings so that the massage pump and heater can run together, though the spa will then need to be “hard-wired” (see below) as in that configuration it will need more power than the domestic 13a socket can provide.

Hard wired 32amp socket

Any Spa with 2 or more massage pumps (or a single pump models if running the pump and heater concurrently) need to be wired directly back to your consumer unit (fuse box) using a suitable size of Armoured (SWA) cable. This is a job for a qualified Electrician. The cable must run directly from the consumer unit to a water resistant isolator switch positioned close to but not within 2m of the Spa, and from there to an adjacent “32amp Blue Commando socket”. It should be protected by a “B type” 32amp or 25amp MCB trip

This work should be signed off to “Part P” certification and must be completed prior to any commissioning date. For local deliveries we can recommend electricians and we will be pleased to liaise with any contractors you engage in order to minimise any potential misunderstandings.

Filling the Spa

We rely on there being a suitable hose with fittings on site that will comfortably reach from a suitable mains fed cold water tap to the spa when it is in its desired position. The water must be direct mains fed and not from a tank or via a water softener. Please contact us to discuss if this is not the case.