Technology is the key to getting the most from your hot tub experience this summer

With so many variables to choose from, we aim to help you navigate the minefield when choosing the right hot tub for you this summer.

The experience most users expect from a hot tub has expanded significantly over the last few years with the introduction of new technologies such as aromatherapy, massage systems, mobile connectivity and even integrated WiFi.

AllSpa UK are at the leading edge of this new technology trend so we have compiled the following list of essential features to ensure you are able to get the very most out of your hot tub experience this summer.

Hot Tub Self Cleaning Systems

Now very much a standard feature of most contemporary hot tubs and swim spas, there are many different types of self cleaning options available. AllSpa ‘ have raised the bar further by introducing our revolutionary UV cleaning system, which goes much further than removing particulates via a filter, as most current options do. Our unique UV-C cleaning system uses ultra violet light to disinfect the water and break down bound chlorine. This system makes far more efficient use of chlorine, reducing the risk of irritation from over use. The UV-C system also removes any unwanted germs from the water, cleaning right throughout the wet system, including in pumps and any other nooks and crannies where germs like to hide.

Aromatic Therapy

Becoming more and more popular throughout 2018, hot tub users can now enjoy a far greater multi-sensory experience with the introduction of aroma-therapy. Hot Tub Aromatic Therapy systems gently release relaxing fragrances, such as coconut or jasmine, helping relieve any tensions as you lie back and unwind.

Hot Tub Colour Therapy & Mood Lighting

In much the same way that aroma-therapy can help to create a relaxing atmosphere, Colour Therapy stimulates the visual senses, helping relieve tension, making even the busiest day feel like a distant memory. AllSpa ‘ exclusive Colour Therapy lighting system uses four different colours; green, yellow, blue and red. These can be set to fade gently through the spectrum, or by using the simple touch control system, you can set your preferred colour to suit your mood. Consisting of 55 build in LEDs and an underwater lamp, our Colour Therapy & Mood Lighting system provides a relaxing visual stimulus to help you relax that bit further.

Hot Tubs With Integrated Sound Systems

Having stimulated your senses of smell and vision with Aromatic and Colour Therapy, the next sense to receive attention is your sense of sound. Our Aquasol Integrated Sound System encompasses the latest audio technology, giving you the opportunity to become immersed in your favourite tunes. The Aquasol system connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, meaning wireless streaming music is just a touch away. Whether you are relaxing after a hard day’s work, or are partying in the hot tub with friends, our integrated sound system allows you to choose your own soundtrack to suit your experience.

Hot Tub Smartphone Applications

In keeping with the very latest technological developments, AllSpa continue to lead the spa industry by introducing a smartphhone app for our massage pools. Providing immediate access and remote control, via the AllSpa Smartphone app you can control your spa any time, from anywhere. The app allows you to set the water temperature and circulation and you can even check on the current status of your spa.